NODWIN Gaming VCC (VALORANT Conquerors Championship) 2022: Registration, Format and More

NODWIN Gaming VCC (VALORANT Conquerors Championship) 2022 Season 2 is going to start this month latley, and registration are started from today and format also revealed. This is the 2nd time NODWIN Gaming get the chance to host official VALORANT tournament in South Asian region. Before this Nodwin also hosted VALORANT Conquerors Championship 2021.

In this tournament where all South Asian Valorant teams will compete for their slots in the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour APAC Split 1 Playoff. And after APAC best teams going to represent in VCT split 1 2022.

South Asian teams from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, and Maldives. Have their chance once again to get to the International Stage and prove himself and its region.

How to register for NODWIN Gaming VCC 2022? 

Registration for VALORANT Conquerors Championship season 2 2022 is started from today. Players have to go to the NODWIN Gaming site or Click on this LINK. After they can see the registration form and they have to fill the form according to the blocks.

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NODWIN Gaming VCC 2022 Format & Prize Pool 

1. Formate Of the Tournament – The Teams from all regions have to play qualifiers first then the qualifier goes to the Playoffs and Grand Final of the VCC. The winner will go to the APAC Challenger Playoffs Split 1.

2. Regional Registration Date & Qualifiers Date –  

  • India Qualifier 1 – Registration for India qualifier 1 started already from 6th Jan and it ends on 20th Jan. Qualifiers start from 22nd to 30th Jan where teams play matches against each other this qualifier is the single-elimination format.
  • Pakistan & Afganistan Qualifier 1 – Registration for Pakistan & Afganistan qualifier 1 started already from6th Jan and it ends on 24th Jan. Qualifiers start from 26th Jan to 1st Feb this qualifier is the single-elimination format.
  • Bangladesh Qualifier – Registration for the Bangladesh qualifier starts from 6th to 26st Jan. Qualifiers start from 28th Jan to 2nd Frb this qualifier is the single-elimination format.
  • Sri Lanka & Maldiv Qualifier – Registration for Sri Lanka & Maldiv qualifier starts from 6th to 28th Jan. Qualifiers start from 30th Jan to 3rd Feb this qualifier is the single-elimination format.
  • India Qualifier 2 – Registration for India qualifier 2 started already from 6th to 27th Jan. Qualifiers start from 29th Jan to 6th Feb this qualifier is the single-elimination format.
  • Nepal & Bhutan Qualifier – Registration for Nepal & Bhutan qualifier starts from 6th Jan to 1st Feb. Qualifiers start from 3rd to 8th Feb this qualifier is the single-elimination format.
  • Wildcard – Single elimination format every 2nd place team from all qualifiers competes here to get a slot in playoffs. It starts from 10th to 13th Feb.
  • Playoffs – Every Qualified teams from all qualfiers will going to play Playoffs and its a double elimination format. Playoffs starting from 18th – 20th Feb.
  • Grand Final – Grand final starts from 25th – 27th Feb, Finalists will advance to the Asia Pacific (APAC) Challenger Playoffs Split 1.

4. Prize Pool – If we talk about Prize Pool is $30,000.

  • 1st Place – $15,000
  • 2nd Place – $7,500
  • 3rd & 4th Place – $3,000
  • MVP of The Tournament – $1,500

Some Questions Related to the Tournament? 

    Ans - 6 players.
  2. Overseas player Can play other regions Qualifier? 
    Ans - No, tournament is on for regional player.
  3. The tournament is free to play? 
    Ans - Yes
  4. Server Locations?
    Ans - All games were played on Mumbai server but for Pakistan & Afganistan it plays
          on Bahrain Server. And the playoffs and Grand Final will be plays on Mumbai server.
  5. Where to register for the tournament? 
    Ans - Register On NODWIN Gaming website.

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