There are Most Popular Esports Games In India

The Growth of Esports has been phenomenal, with new games Being Launched every year. Some game, however., Dominate the landscape and are more popular than the others.

When we talk about the biggest Esports Games, it can mean different things to different people. Some games are more popular and Globally while others are regional success. Some have a lot more players while others organize bigger tournaments with large cash prizes.

In the post, we have sorted the biggest Esports Games by the amount of Reward Money that they have awarded For Tournament all information on this is Collected From the Esports Earings website So, let’s get started with the list of the biggest Esports Game

There are Most Popular Esports Games In India

Battleground Mobile India

Battleground Mobile India Is Expected to be released on June 18th The Upcoming battle royale Segment Is set to mark a return For PUBG India. Ever Since Battleground Mobile India Was Announced on May 6th Gamer’s Have Take. An active interest in the title and have closely monitored its progress.

Call of Duty mobile


Call of Duty along with Counter-Strike is of the heavy hitters in the multiplayer FPS genre Most PC games at some point in their lives Bringing a similar experience to the mobile platform Activision launched Call of duty mobile which quickly rose to prominence among mobile games. The game has a multiplayer mode like The battle Royale mode Deathmatch mode Search and destroy mode and more before PUBG mobile was banned in India the game gave it a tough run for its money and we can safely say that things might turn out the same when battlegrounds mobile India is launched in the Country

Garena Free Fire


The free fire was competing with PUBG mobile much before Call of Duty Mobile. The game being quite similar to PUBG mobile offered its users advantages like smaller maps low required specifications and more The game is quite interesting and manager to keep it’s your users engaged The game is extremely fast-paced with matches lasting 10 minutes on a small island with a total of only 50 players similar to PUBG mobile it allows you to Parachute anywhere drive vehicles pickup ammunition and more it is completely easier to play compared to PUBG Mobile due to easier fight dynamics easier recoil correction and saves.

Counter Strike Global Offensive

This another popular Esports Game developed by Value Corporation, in Collaboration with Hidden Path Entertainment. It is a. first Person Shooter Game and is the Fourth one in the Counter Strike Series.

This Game is Basically Played between two teams territories and Counter terrorists. The terrorists take hostages and plant a bomb. The Counter Terrorists have to save the hostages a d defuse the bomb.

Rocket League


This is a unique Arcade Style Soccer game that. Was developed by Psyonix. It literally has cars playing soccer or as it is popularly termed soccer but with cars.

This Game is played in Teams of up to eight players the aim of this Game is to score a goal and points just like in Soccer.



Valorant is Free to play First Person hero Shooter Developed and Published by Riots Games, For Microsoft Windows. First teased under the Codename Project A in October 2019, the Game Began a Closed beta period with limited access on April 7, 2020, followed by an Official release on June 2, 2020.

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