The Future of the ESports india mobile gaming

Remember the good old days in the 90s when we used to play the Legendary snake game on Nokia mobile from black and white mobile screen based elementary video games like Snake to have. Mobile Gaming The Future of the ESports India

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games like spiderman Tanks Pro etc and then the more high end graphics games like candy crush Temple Run prince of Persia FIFA and so on the mobile Gaming industry in India has come a long way and evolved a lot over the years

Mobile Gaming The Future of ESports india gaming

Ever since the Introducition of Android OS and a large variety of smartphone in India The mobile Gaming market has benefitted immensely and witnessed healthy growth Apart from The Low cost Smartphone Penetration other important Factors That Have been Contribution substantially Towards the growth of mobile Gaming in India are Rising Digital Adoption Amongst The Youth Constant Technological Advancement and date Revolation Super chep data and internet Connectivity Pioneersd By jio and other telecom Provdives

Such has been the popularity of mobile gaming in India that Today it cover’s a Lion’s share of 80 percent or more of the overall online Gaming Market in India and our Country Has been Named as One of The Top 5 Mobile gaming Nations In The World

Until five years back Hypercasual/casual or fun games were much more popular among mobile gaming enthusiasts of India however the entry of Pubg mobile in India around march 2018 Shock up the entire Escosytem forever for good the cherished Battle Royale game PUBG with its enriching Gameplay experience that was Supported even in lower Range or mid range smartphone took the love for

eSports multiplayer online battle Arena Or MOBA games in India to a new level altogether and eventually Pubg mobile become a smash hit and went on to become one of the most downloaded and most played mobile games in Indian in 2018 and 2019

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