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League of Legends Championship 2021 Series Tournament Update

Due to the Rise of Covid-19 Cases in the United States, we have made the decision not to hold the LCS Championship at the Prudential Center this Year. League of Legends Championship 2021 Series Tournament Update

An LCS Championship match will Take place at The LCS Arena in Los Angeles Current ticket holders will be provided full refunds

League of Legends Championship 2021 Series Tournament

We scheduled the LCS As Roadshow with Fans And Made the decision To move Forward Based on the very promising rollout of the past month we’ve been closely monitoring the ongoing surge of Covid-19 Cases across the United States Given the current state of affairs we cannot in good Conscience conduct a massive fan event at this time after much consideration it is with extremely disappointed that we’ve elected to relocate the LCS Championship event from the Prudential Center to the LCS Arena


We sincerely hoped to reunite with all our  passionate fan’s at what was to be a sold-out celebration of our game Unfortunately the persistence and rapid Spared of the Covid 19 delta Variant has Forced us to table that reunion for now our fans deserve nothing less than a high-quality LCS Event experience full of excitement Connectivity and joy After Assessing the Risks no set of protocols or plan’s allowed us to deliver That event without jeopardizing the health of our team’s staff and fans

While we expect other shows and sporting events to press on through this period the LCS does not need to take health and safety risks in other to produce its core. Competitive product Pivoting all postseason operations to The LCS Arena in LCS Angeles Provides a safer environment for everyone and helps ensure our world’s representatives will be healthy for their trip to china

The Prudential Center remains a top tier Sporting venue and it will play host to an LCS Event in the future Current ticket holders will be provided full refunds along with our sincere apologizes for any inconveniences this change of plans may Cause we process and should be able to share more details soon we appreciate your understanding and hope to see you in 2022.

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