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Top 5 Call Of Duty Mobile Players As of 2021

There are different players in every Competitive game the same goes for games like COD Mobile Some Players play the game Casually While Others want to improve and become better at Top 5 Call Of Duty Mobile Players As of 2021 it some want to build a career around Competitive games but only a Few Became the very best at these games

Top 5 Call of duty Mobile Players

1. iFerg 

IFerg is a popular YouTube Who plays multiple First Person titles across platforms he is especially good at COD Mobile with over 1.7 million Subscribers looking Forward to his call of Duty gameplay IFerg excels at using heavy weapons in the game with a love for Annihilator

2. Jokesta 

Jokesta is one of the best COD Mobile Players in the world he is also a YouTuber with over 375k subscribers Jokesta is an aggressive player who enjoys unorthodox Shots he is known For Jaw-dropping wall bangs and conquering the top spot on the Scoreboard

3. HawksNest 

Hawks Nest is a Fantastic Player and a great helping hand when it Comes to teaching COD Mobile He has over 500k Subscribers on YouTube mostly because of his insane gameplay and great guides on improving in COD Mobile

4. Godzly 

Godzly is a unique player who experiments with new weapon load-outs and owns most of them he is very adaptive with weapons and maps in COD Mobile Godzly also has a Youtube Channel with over 190k Subscribers

5. Knifes IOS 

Knifes IOS is the most unique player on this list knifes IOS as his name suggests is incredibly Skilled at Using Knives and other melee weapons in COD Mobile he reached the legendary rank simply by using Knives he has over 90k Subscribers on YouTube

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