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COD Mobile Season 9 Nightmare Update Holloween Event New Maps and weapons

Another New Season in COD Mobile is fast approaching as season 8 and the second-anniversary celebration begin to wind down as always players are in stone for another massive update with tons of new content on the way COD Mobile Season 9 Nightmare Update Holloween Event New Maps and weapons

Season 9 is set to bring the fright once again as Halloween comes to town From Spooky map overhauls to a frightening Nightmare theme the devs are going all in for the 2021 spectacle

Before the new patch arrives brush up early with everything there is to know about COD Mobile season 9

The update is set to arrive on Wednesday, October  20 Based on the. The season 8 battle pass draws to a close Season 9 is expected to roll over right away if previous updates are anything to go by this should see the patch available to download from 5 PM PT/8 PM ET/1 AM BST ((October 21)

As the Haunting takes over black Ops Cold war and Warzone the nightmare is set to take over COD Mobile

The theme is a Chilling one as the Halloween theme appears to be in full effect From Creepy Skins to scary menus expect to see every aspect of COD Mobile tweaked to provide a nightmare-inducing experience

No difference from every recent season call of duty Mobile Season 9 is bringing some new maps first up is Hovec Sawmill set at night so be sure to crank your brightness up

Next is the return of Halloween Standoff in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 while the original version of the map quickly became a fan favorite the yearly Halloween overhaul has become iconic

Halloween Standoff is set to function in just the same way as before though COD Mobile devs have teased Some new content in this year’s iteration of the man well be sure to keep you updated here as we learn of any new features or Easter eggs

Two new weapons are on the way for the COD Mobile Season update and both should be familiar to longtime fans of the series

Up First is the Thumper a deadly Grenade Launcher that’s featured in numerous mainline COD titles Scoring a direct hit with a projectile from the Thumper will secure a single shot kill more

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