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Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11 Final Snow Update New weapon New Maps and More

Call Of Duty Season 100 is already Winding Down Which Can only Mean one thing. Season 11 is fast approaching with even more Content on the way To keep Things fresh. Everything from new locations and Powerful gadgets down to Seasonal Events And Gameplay Tweaks Have Already Been Teased. Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11 Final Snow Update New weapon New Maps and More

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11 Final Snow Update New weapon New Maps

Before the COD Mobile Season 11 update is Deployed, be sure to get ahead with an early look at everything including in the latest patch.

Season 11 Update: Release Date Time

COD mobile Season 11 is set to go live on Thursday, December 16 at 4 PM PT No different From Usual, the moment this patch is available, players will have access to all the latest Content And new Changes.

COD Mobile Season 11 Update Icebreaker Map

A classic Black Ops 4 Map is set To be Reintroduced in CoD Mobile Season 11. Icebreaker makes its return in the new update, as the large map has been rebuilt for the handheld experience.

This vast, open map was a popular Battleground in 2018 across some playlists. Expect the Snowy locale to be no different in CoD Mobile when it Launches In The Season 11 patch.

Season 11 Update: PKM & D13 Sector weapons

Two new Weapons are Joining The mix in CoD Mobile Season 11, one From Modern Warfare And one from Black Ops 3.

Up First is the PKM, a Light Machine Gun From The modern Warfare Series. This Fast firing Weapon Packs a Punch with a huge magazine size at the cost of Mobility.

Meanwhile, a more unique gun From black Ops 3 Is also on the way as the D13 Sector is set to Shake up the meta this Special Weapon fires lethal discs that explode after a few seconds.

Season 11 Update Final Snow Battle Pass

As Expected, Season 11 brings An entirely New Battle Pass To CoD Mobile. While most Tiers Provide Exclusive Cosmetic Rewards, a handful of Game-Changing equipment is also scattered throughout.

With Both Free And Premium Unlock up For Grabs, there is plenty to get your hands Fr Operator Skins, And weapon Blueprints to holiday Themed Avatars And Parachutes, to Battle Pass Is Stacked across the Board.

Tire 14: munitions Box Operator Skill

Tied 21: PKM Light Machine Gun

TBA: Soap Cliffhanger Operator Skin

COD Mobile Season 11 Update Snow Scuffle Mode

Snow Scuffle is the year Holiday Themed LTM In CoD Mobile if you’re well versed in Kill Confirmed You be right At home here in the new playlists

Upon wiping out an enemy, they drop snowballs at their feet. Simply run over them, collect these Snowballs, and deposit them to help your team win.

Throughout the match, however, expect some random power-ups to change the pace as players will have access to all kinds of unique boosts.

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